Getting Help

In case of an out-of-province emergency, you must contact Europ Assistance USA, Inc. (Europ Assistance)

  • 1-800-511-4610 (in Canada or the US), or
  • 001-800-368-7888 (in Mexico), or
  • 202-296-7493 (from elsewhere, call collect), or
  • Toll free dialling is not available in Cuba. Use international operator, or
  • Fax: 202-331-1528
  • E-mail:

What’s Covered

Read what is included with this coverage on page 34.

Travel Tips

  • For detailed travel health information, visit, a Health Canada site that provides:
    • current information on international disease outbreaks,
    • immunization recommendations for international travel,
    • general health advice for international travelers, and
    • disease-specific treatment and prevention guidelines.
  • If you plan to travel off the beaten track, you may need to take extra health precautions. Seek medical advice at least six weeks before you travel, since some vaccinations should not be given together.
  • Carry your benefit card as proof of insurance coverage.
  • Make sure you know about health risks specific to your destination. Take first aid supplies along.
  • Keep prescription medication in its original container, and carry a doctor’s prescription for any controlled drug.
  • Do not leave prescription medication in your checked luggage, in case your baggage goes astray.
  • Carry a medical certificate for syringes if you require them for medical purposes.
  • Ensure that you have all required visas. Make photocopies of your visas, and keep them separate from the originals.
  • Photocopy the identification page in your passport. Keep a copy separate from the passport, and leave another copy with someone at home.
  • There are a number of hospitals that have been identified in California, Florida, Arizona and Nevada that are now requiring a deposit from Canadian patients regardless of whether or not they are billing the patient or the insurance company directly. Where possible, contact Allianz Global Assistance Canada before incurring any expenses.