Eligible Expenses

Read what limitations and exclusions apply to this coverage.

​Type of ExpenseLimitation
Artificial Eyes and Replacements
  • 80%
  • Including replacement of existing eye, no earlier than:
    • 60 months after the last purchase, for covered persons over age 21, or
    • 12 months after the last purchase, for spouse or children 21 years of age or less
​Eye Examinations​By a licensed optometrist. One examination for each covered person in each two-year calendar period
Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses needed to correct vision, prescribed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist, and repairsMaximum reimbursable expense of $200 per person for each two-year calendar period
Laser Eye SurgeryCan be claimed against the same maximum reimbursable expense of $200 as eyeglasses and contact lenses in subsequent two-year calendar period (under the regular Health Care Plan) until the full cost has been claimed.