Rates 2010

The NAV CANADA Joint Council (NCJC) is pleased to announce the Travel Program rates for 2010.

Appendix B: Kilometric Rate

Effective January 1, 2010

Mileage rates are expressed in terms of cents per kilometre

Employer requested rateCents/km
AB, MB, SK47
NB, NS, PE52.5
BC, ON51
NL, QC50.5
NT, NU, YT62
Traveller requested rateCents/km
AB, MB, SK14
NB, NS, PE14
BC, ON14.5
NL, QC15
NT, NU, YT23

Appendix C: Meals and Allowances

Effective January 1, 2010


(Bracketed rates are for Yukon (YT), Northwest Territory (NT) and Nunavut (NU))

1.1 Composite meal and incidental allowances

Daily Rate
commercial$84.12 ($96.74)

1.2 Meal allowances

Daily Rate
breakfast$20.77 ($23.89)
lunch$20.38 ($23.44)
dinner$36.97 ($42.52)

1.3 Incidental expense allowances

Daily Rate
commercial$6.00 ($6.90)

1.4 Extended periods in travel status

Daily Rate
composite$78.12 ($89.84)

1.5 Weekend travel home transportation allowances

Daily Rate
two day weekend$268.24 ($308.48)
three day weekend$402.36 ($462.71)
four day weekend$536.48 ($616.95)

1.6 Accommodation

Daily Rate
private/corp./institutional$50.00 ($50.00)

The travel allowances are as follow for travel in Canada* (rates in parentheses apply to NT, YT, and NU only):

*Travel in the USA is at the same rates as those given above, but payable in U.S. funds. For travel in the U.S.A. the rates in parentheses apply to Alaska only.