Rates 2006

Appendix B: Kilometric Rate

Effective January 1, 2006

The rates payable in cents per kilometre for authorized official use of private cars within and outside the headquarters area are shown below:

Employer requested rateCents/km
AB, MB, SK46
NB, NS, PE51.5
BC, ON51
NL, QC52
NT, NU, YT63
Traveller requested rateCents/km
AB, MB, SK14
NB, NS, PE14.5
BC, ON15
NL, QC15.5
NT, NU, YT24.5


Appendix C: Meals and Allowances

Effective January 1, 2006


(Bracketed rates are for Yukon (YT), Northwest Territory (NT) and Nunavut (NU))

1.1 Composite meal and incidental allowances

Daily Rate
commercial$72.31 (83.16)
private/corp./institutional$70.31 (80.86)

1.2 Meal allowances

Daily Rate
breakfast$15.65 (18.00)
lunch$16.86 (19.39)
dinner$33.80 (38.87)

1.3 Incidental expense allowances

Daily Rate
commercial accommodation$6.00 ($6.90)
private/corp./institutional$4.00 ($4.60)

1.4 Extended periods in travel status

Daily Rate
composite$66.31 (76.26)

1.5 Weekend travel home transportation allowances

Daily Rate
two day weekend$204.62 (225.72)
three day weekend$306.93 (338.58)
four day weekend$409.24 (451.44)

1.6 Accommodation

Daily Rate
private/corp./institutional$32.00 (32.00)


2.1 Rates in the USA are now the same as in Canada but paid in US funds.

2.2 The bracketed rates apply to Alaska but are paid in US funds.